HEL CX Cup Regulations 2017–2018



HEL CX Cup (“Cup”) is presented jointly by HEL CX ry (“HEL CX”) and race organizers (“Organizer”). The race organizers are responsible for running each individual event.

The 2017–2018 season comprises 10 events in the Greater Helsinki area.

Cup races are loosely based on UCI Cyclocross regulations, with exceptions described in this document.

For information or questions about the regulations, email info@helcx.com or visit https://helcx.com for additional contact channels.



Participants agree to adhere to Cup regulations and to follow any instructions from the Cup, the Organizer, or race officials.

Participants must ensure their own and others’ safety above all else, and exhibit sportspersonlike conduct.

Littering and any other activity that adversely impacts the event is strictly forbidden.

A participant in violation of these regulations may be disqualified.

The Organizer will designate a chief commissaire to oversee the event, and to act as the final arbiter in matters of these regulations.



Anyone may participate in any number of Cup events, minors with the permission of their parent or guardian.

A license or membership is not required.

Participation is voluntary, and participants are solely liable for any damages or injuries to themselves or others. Participants should maintain appropriate insurance coverage. Participants waive and release HEL CX and the Organizer from any liability.


Participants enter in a single category for the season. They may request a transfer to another category during the season, but points or placements will not be recalculated.

The categories denoted as Men’s (M) and the Hobby/Novice category are open to all regardless of gender. The categories denoted as Women’s (N) are open to all who do not identify as male.

Juniors are allowed to enter older Junior or adult categories if they so choose.


  • Hobby/Novice
  • M12, N12 (born 2005 or after)
  • M14, N14 (born 2003–2004)
  • M16, N16 (born 2001–2002)
  • N Cat3
  • N Cat2
  • N Elite
  • M Cat 3
  • M Cat 2
  • Open (M Elite)

Categories may be combined in a single race start. Refer to Events and Scoring for details.


All bicycles must be fully human-powered. E-bikes or other powered bikes are not allowed.

Helmets are mandatory.

The Hobby/Novice and Junior categories have no further restrictions on equipment.

The other categories adhere to UCI Cyclocross regulations.

The maximum tire width, 33 mm, applies to the manufacturer’s specification printed on the side of the tire. Studded tires are not allowed unless otherwise stated in exceptional weather conditions.

Participants may use two (2) separate bicycles in a single race.



Registration takes place as specified by the Organizer (usually via the WebScorer site).

Registration opens a minimum of 2 weeks before the date of the race.

Late Registration is available at the event venue according to Organizer instructions.

Registration cancellation notice is not required, but appreciated.


Entry Fee

Race entry fee payments are made as specified by the Organizer, or at the time of Late Registration.

Late Registration fee may differ from the regular entry fee.

Entry fees are nonrefundable.



The Organizer will publish the event schedule and any possible other instructions and advice pertaining to the event. Participants are expected to familiarize themselves with any and all materials provided by the Organizer.

Races will take place on closed courses between 2.5 and 3.5 km in length. Courses are cordoned on both sides. The courses will strive to adhere to UCI regulations, and to provide varied, cyclocross-specific experiences.

Courses will have a designated pit area (two where possible). Any maintenance as well as  nutrition and bottle supply must take place in the pit area. The pit area may only be accessed and exited in the direction of the race.

The event area will have a registration/race official desk for inquiries. The Organizer will designate a place for participants to leave their belongings. Please note that the Organizer does not assume liability for any lost or damaged belongings. The Organizer will provide a restroom or guide to the nearest one. The Organizer may also make available a dressing room, showers, sauna, or other additional amenities.

Participants will be given a minimum of 30 minutes of free practice time on the course, either before any race starts or between race starts.

Any participant riding or otherwise using the course while another race is in progress will automatically be disqualified.

Participants must be at the starting line with race numbers attached a minimum of 5 minutes before start time.

Each event comprises multiple race starts, each of which may combine multiple categories.

By default:

  • Juniors + Hobby/Novice
  • Women (N Elite, N Cat 2, N Cat 3)
  • Open (Open, M Cat 2, M Cat 3)

Race starts are limited to (approx.) 75 participants. If there are more participants, or at the discretion of the Organizer, races may be split into multiple races by category (for example, separate Open and M Cat 2 + M Cat 3 races).

The maximum number of race starts in any given event is 5.

As an exception, the Organizer may limit the number of race starts to less than 3.


Races are time-limited mass start races in which as many full laps around the course are completed as the time limit allows. The winner is the person who crosses the finish line first on the last lap.

Race durations:

  • Juniors and Hobby/Novice: ca. 35–40 minutes
  • N Elite, N Cat 2: ca. 45–50 minutes
  • Open, M Cat 2, M Cat 3: ca. 60 minutes

The total number of laps is determined after the second completed lap. Remaining laps are displayed at the finish line. A bell will signal the final lap.

Example: first two laps of the Women’s race start yield a lap time of 7 minutes. 7 * 7 minutes = 49 minutes, which is within the 45–50 minute limit. Therefore, the total number of laps for the race will be 7.

Participants’ positions on the starting line are determined by their category, and their current season ranking within that category. (For the first race of the season, the final ranking of the previous season is used.)

Any participants overtaken during a race are allowed to continue racing, and will finish their race on the same lap as the race winner (with laps down marked as their final result).


Cup standings are by category. Each participant will only appear in their selected category.

Participants’ Cup points are calculated from their 8 best results (out of 10 total races possible).

In the event of a tie, the standings are determined by: higher number of races participated in, points for the 9th best result, number of wins, number of 2nd places, etc.

When categories are combined into one race start, participants will be awarded points in their own category and all categories above it, in the finish order. This ensures that everyone will race against everyone in any given race, and that any category transfers are fair. See example below.

No points are awarded in the Hobby/Novice category.


Finisher points

  1. 30
  2. 25
  3. 21
  4. 18
  5. 16
  6. 14
  7. 12
  8. 10
  9. 8
  10. 7
  11. 6
  12. 5
  13. 4
  14. 3
  15. 2
  16. and below, 1 point

Example scoring

Open race start (combined Open Category + M Cat 2 + M Cat 3), 4 participants: OpenA & OpenB (Open Category), Deuce (M Cat 2), and Troy (M Cat 3).

Finishing order:

  1. OpenB
  2. Troy
  3. Deuce
  4. OpenA

Points awarded:

  • OpenB: 30 Open Category points
  • Troy: 30 M Cat 3 points (as well as taking away 30 M Cat 2 points and 25 Open Category points)
  • Deuce: 25 M Cat 2 points (as well as taking away 21 Open Category points)
  • OpenA: 18 Open Category points